Seasonal specials

Previous seasonal specials. Available to order upon request (12+ cakes or large cake)

Sunshine banana, coconut, carrot & coconut with cream cheese (GF available)

Grapefruit & thyme spelt and almond cake with thyme syrup, citrus icing, grapefruit and fresh thyme

Lemon & rosemary polenta and almond sponge with rosemary syrup, lemon and fresh rosemary (GF)

White chocolate, raspberry & pistachio pistachio sponge layered with raspberry conserve and white chocolate buttercream

Rhubarb & pistachio vanilla sponge with pistachios, topped with roasted rhubarb

Tropical coconut & lime sponge with coconut icing, fresh physalis and toasted coconut (V available)

Mango & raspberry soft sponge with fresh raspberries, topped with alphonso mango