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Pippa Murray  Pip and Nut

Crowdfunding before launch, creating a strong brand from the outset and encouraging a new perspective on food. 

We spoke to Pip, founder of Pip & Nut, about how she went about launching a new type of nut butter. Pip & Nut create 100% natural, nutritious nut butters without palm oil. The absence of this ingredient was quite revolutionary at the time of launch and the purity of their ingredients gives the butters a luxuriously glossy finish, unlike any other on the market. We heard how Pip turned to crowdfunding to facilitate the launch and why this route has been so beneficial. We also discuss the process of building a team who shares the brand’s ethos – with some members having been with Pip & Nut since launch. Throughout this episode Pip shares so much helpful advice and learnings from their experience so far. It was amazing to hear the story behind a company that is fast becoming a household name. It sounds like there are some exciting projects in the pipeline for Pip & Nut so watch this space… 


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