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Episode 39 : Howard & Vivien | Little Moons


Manufacturing a frozen product, building a white label success into a one of a kind retail brand and creating a family business, with Howard & Vivien - co-founders of Little Moons, makers of delicious, high quality mochi. 

For this episode, we chatted to siblings and co-founders of Little Moons, Howard and Vivien. This was such an interesting and eye opening conversation, giving us insight into the highs and lows of manufacturing a product in house - and the even greater challenge of that product being frozen! We heard how Little Moons began by selling their mochi into some of the UK's best known restaurants before developing into a hugely successful retail brand - still the only producers of mochi in the UK and now being name checked on those very restaurant menus.  We also talked about the challenges of gaining space in store, how their innovative 'pick n mix' concept has been received in different markets and the importance of quality - and building a brand known for this.  There's so much to learn from this hugely inspiring episode - we suggest you listen while snacking on a mochi...or four! 

Find Little Moons on Instagram @littlemoonsmochi and via their website, Buy them online on Ocado and Amazon or instore at Selfridges, Wholefoods and more! 

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