Episode 35: Danielle | Qnola

Creating a new breakfast product, promoting through alternative methods and learning to appreciate your achievements with Danielle, founder of Qnola. 

For this episode we chatted to Danielle, founder of Qnola. Danielle created a Quinoa based cereal which began as a nutritious way to provide breakfast for herself and friends but quickly built into a successful business with premium UK and international stockists. Demand for Qnola quickly escalated and Danielle tells us how she got stuck into production straight away and worked round the clock to fulfil orders. We also discuss how the brand has evolved from deciding to trademark the name to switching suppliers to ensure a more sustainable product. We spoke about promoting the business through alternative methods such as collaborations and the importance of Instagram as a platform to reach her target audience. We also discussed the challenges of running a business alongside a successful modelling career and how Danielle has made this work. We were so inspired by this conversation and what Danielle has built almost single handedly. 

Find Qnola @qnolauk on Instagram or visit their website at www.qnola.co.uk. Find Danielle @dcopperman on Instagram and her book, Well Being, online and in stores. 

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