Episode 33: Joanna | Pump Street Chocolate

Award winning packaging, scaling the production of single origin & single estate chocolate and growing a ‘retirement’ project into a destination bakery with Joanna, co-founder of Pump Street Bakery and Pump Street Chocolate. 

For this episode, we spoke to Joanna, co-founder of Pump Street Bakery and Pump Street Chocolate on becoming one of the country’s leading chocolate makers. We heard how the business started as a ‘retirement’ project for her Dad and quickly expanded after gaining an audience for their breads and pastries. After finding their 'slow food' roots in the bakery, they started to create high quality single estate chocolate. We discuss the surprising similarities between sourdough and chocolate and how that connection came full circle after developing their unique bakery bars featuring sourdough and rye crumb, amongst other inventive and perfectly paired flavours. 

As we discussed their specialism in single origin and single estate chocolate, we focused on what makes their chocolate so special. From the sourcing of their ingredients and the relationships with their farmers to the careful and methodical processes of production and finally, the beautiful packaging with distinct logo and branding. Since 2013, Pump Street have been leading the way in creating unique chocolate products made in a traditional way and without additives or fillers. 

Visit Pump Street Bakery at 1 Pump St, Orford, Woodbridge IP12 2LZ.

Find Pump Street @pumpstreetchocolate and @pumpstbakery on Instagram or visit their website at pumpstreetchocolate.com.

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