Episode 31: Sarah | Made in Hackney

Building an eco-community kitchen and what that means, creating fun but educational experiences around food and adapting to the reality of the business with Sarah from Made in Hackney. 

Welcome back to The What’s Cooking Podcast! For episode 1 of season 4, we spoke to Sarah, founder of eco-community kitchen and charity Made in Hackney. Sarah has created a space where those in need can learn valuable skills in food and healthy living. In their 100% plant based kitchen, Made in Hackney offer courses to allow fun and inspiring experiences centered around cooking and eating. We learn about the early days of the business where an initial disaster turned into the community coming together and how a business plan is just an assumption and you have to adapt it constantly to stay in line with what excites people and what actually makes you money. We also spoke to Sarah about raising funds and get an insight into the emotional as well as financial highs and lows of this side of their operation. This business is truly inspiring, from their unfaltering ethical money policy to the structure of the working week around childcare and family responsibilities, Made in Hackney is doing a lot of things right! 

Find Made in Hackney @madeinhackney on Instagram or visit their website at www.madeinhackney.org for information on courses, masterclasses and events.

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