Episode 32: Alex | Social Pantry

Growing a catering business into a six site operation, employing ex-offenders and going with your gut with Alex, founder of Social Pantry.

For this episode, we sat down with Alex of Social Pantry to hear the hugely inspiring story of how she has grown her catering business into a company which now manages up to thirty events per week, has a café, kiosk, restaurant and event space. We talked about maximising what you have until your demand allows for growth, working dynamically to meet the differing requirements of contracts - from weddings to corporate lunches – and what you learn from doing everything yourself at the beginning. We also discussed Alex’s employment of ex-offenders, who make up at least 10% of her work force at any time. It was incredibly inspiring to hear about the realities of this and to understand how important it is for businesses to recruit from prisons. Alex’s attitude to her team in general is really admirable and an example of how to grow a team who will not only work hard but enjoy and excel in their roles. 

Find Social Pantry @social_pantry on Instagram or visit their website at www.socialpantry.co.uk. Social Pantry café is at 170a Lavender Hill, London. Soane’s Kitchen, Pitzhanger Manor and the kiosk are all in Walpole Park, Ealing, London.

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