Episode 30: Saasha | Olio

Reducing food waste, encouraging a shift in mindset and developing a globally successful app with Saasha from Olio.

For our final episode of the season, we spoke to Saasha, co-founder of food sharing app, Olio. Along with her co-founder Tessa, Saasha’s mission is to help reduce the amount of food that is wasted in households and businesses through encouraging a change of habits. We heard about how they launched the app in their local community, testing the concept by starting small and using their findings to develop a resource that is helping people to share their unwanted food items with others. Not only is this helping those in need, but their initiatives are set to make a significant difference to the environmental impact of our collective food waste. Saasha also has some fantastic practical tips which can be easily implemented in our day to day. Olio is such a necessary tool and it was hugely inspirational to hear how they’ve got it to where it is today and their plans for expanding its reach further to make an even greater difference.

Find Olio @olio_ex on Instagram or visit their website atwww.olioex.com. Download the app on your app store or visit their website for the desktop version.

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