Episode 24: Henrietta | Henrietta Inman

Natural baking, book deals and adapting formal patisserie training to create delicious nourishing recipes with Henrietta Inman. 

We chatted to super talented pastry chef, cookery teacher and author Henrietta Inman about her two beautiful recipe books – each showcasing her personal take on baking using natural and nourishing ingredients. We loved hearing how Henrietta used her formal training and techniques to create a new style of baking with delicious wholegrains, brown sugars and seasonal ingredients. It was really interesting to hear about the process for each of the books and how they differ. We also learned about Henrietta’s multiple talents within the food world – involved with supper clubs, popups, charities, cookery schools and more (!) we cannot wait to see what she does next!

Find Henrietta @henriettainman on Instagram or visit her website at www.henriettainman.com

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