Episode 26: Melissa & Leo | Modern Baker

Discovering a new way to bake, proving a concept and taking a scientific approach to healthy eating with Melissa and Leo from Modern Baker.

For this episode we spoke to Melissa and Leo, founders of Modern Baker - the Oxford based company who are discovering a new way to bake through their scientific approach to healthy eating, with extensive research and development at its core. We learnt how, after Melissa’s breast cancer diagnosis, they changed their diets and this in turn led to the start of their journey in creating Modern Baker. We discussed their concept café and how this has helped them to gain funding, the process they went through to create their book and how their future plans will help create further change in the food industry. We were completely blown away by how much Melissa and Leo have achieved in just three years and left the conversation inspired and fascinated by all we had discussed. 


Find Modern Baker @modernbaker on Instagram or visit their website at www.modernbaker.com. We highly recommend you also visit their café, whether you’re in the area or not! You can find it at 214A Banbury Road, Oxford. 


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