Episode 20: Tessa | Tessa Stuart

Developing a new research technique, helping brands understand their market and creating with confidence with Tessa Stuart, in-store researcher, business consultant and best-selling author. 

For the last episode of our second season, we were honoured to sit down with Tessa Stuart, in-store researcher, business consultant and author of two 5 star Amazon bestselling books - ‘Packed’ and ‘Flying off the Shelves.’ Tessa has worked with countless brands, helping them to understand their market and working alongside them to create messaging that really stands out. We discussed the importance of confidence in such a crowded market place and what it takes to reach the right people…and keep reading them! We were so interested to hear how Tessa’s pioneering technique of in-store research came about and what she has learnt on her journey to where her business is today. Tessa’s books are essential reading for any food or drink brand and this episode is not to be missed! 

Find Tessa @tessa_stuart on Instagram and Twitter and through her website atwww.tessastuart.co.uk

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