Episode 19: Mary | Onist Food

Staying true to your core values, working with investors and overcoming production challenges with Mary, creator of Onist Food.

For this episode, we sat down with Mary, founder of Onist Food, creators of ‘the healthy avocado chocolate pot’ stocked at Fortnums, Whole Foods, Abel & Cole, Planet Organic and more!! We talked about the challenges faced in producing a chilled product with a short shelf life and the solutions Mary and her team have found to overcome them. We also discussed the importance of staying true to your brand’s core values and making sure these are a consideration in everything you do. Onist operates on a ‘buy one, give one’ initiative where they donate a breakfast to a child in The Gambia for every pot sold. We were so impressed to learn of the success of this charitable action and hear about Mary’s plans for future projects and really admired her honesty in discussing the mutual benefits of working with a charity. 


Find Mary @onist_food on Instagram and through their website at www.onistfood.com


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