Episode 16: Joey | High Mood Food

For this episode, we chatted to Joey, co-founder of High Mood Food, the London café offering delicious gut-friendly dishes. It was fascinating to learn about the power of fermentation and creating complex flavour profiles from veg-centric cooking, as well as discussing the concept of veg-centric cooking and why it’s more inclusive than other dietary choices. We also heard how Joey balances high and low energy tasks – allowing the former to feed her motivation! Another part of our discussion was around the importance of stopping and recognising your achievements, especially when there may not be an end in sight. This was such an interesting conversation both around the food itself and Joey’s experiences so far in bringing it to the customers at High. We recommend making it a priority to visit next time you’re in central London! 

Find Joey @highmoodfood on Instagram and through their website at www.highmoodfood.com. Visit the café at 25 Duke Street, London, W1U 1LD. 

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