Episode 15: Hugh | Ugly Drinks

Disrupting the market, taking time over decisions and creating an opportunity from obstacles with Hugh, co-founder of Ugly Drinks, creators of 100% natural, flavoured sparkling water.

We sat down with Hugh, co-founder of Ugly Drinks – the sugar and sweetener free, flavoured sparkling water brand who are disrupting the drinks industry one can at a time! We talked to Hugh about the importance of taking time over decisions – especially when it comes to branding and design. We also spoke about recognising a shift in consumer behaviour and giving them the opportunity to make an informed choice about what they are drinking, nurturing a sustainable culture within the brand and working with other creative people and allowing their input to create something new and exciting. Oh…AND the imminent launch of Ugly in the US and the exciting developments this will bring. There is SO much wisdom in this episode, drawn from Hugh’s incredible wealth of experience in the industry, we can’t recommend it enough. 

Find Hugh @uglydrinks_uk and @uglydrinks on Instagram and through their website at www.uglydrinks.com.

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