Episode 13: Mira | Mira Manek

Organically growing a business, the benefits of supper clubs and changing the perception of Indian food with Mira Manek. 

In this episode, we sat down with Mira Manek – chef, author and entrepreneur to hear about how she has grown a business organically through doing what she loves. Mira is changing the perception of Indian food through her nutritious recipes, now available in her first book Saffron Soul. We discussed how she is making Indian food more accessible to all by focusing on the flavour and nutritional properties of spices within her dishes. We also heard about her incredibly successful supper clubs – the process behind these and why she feels the concept is important. Mira has drawn on the wealth of information on Indian food which is available to her through her family and we talked about the importance of learning like this and why it might be the greatest form of cookery school! 


Find Mira on Instagram @miramanek and through her website at www.miramanek.com


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