Episode 12: Dana | Arganic

Building a sustainable and ethical business with passion and dedication, achieving work life balance and creating a premium product. 

We talked to Dana from Arganic, purveyors of 100% organic, single origin Argan Oil – both culinary and cosmetic. We heard about the passion and research it takes to create a high quality product that works and tastes delicious (it has three Great Taste stars!). We discuss the importance of a sustainable business model, how our choices in both food and beauty have a bigger impact than we might think and the process of building lasting business relationships. We also hear how Dana has figured out a balance in her life between running a business and keeping herself well. We learnt so much through Dana’s infectious enthusiasm and passion for what she is doing – a very inspirational episode.

Find Dana @arganic on Instagram and through her website at www.arganic.co.uk. 

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