Episode 11: Rupy | The Doctor's Kitchen

The power of nutrition, growing a business out of passion and wellbeing advice with Rupy from The Doctor’s Kitchen, helping everyone to live happier, healthier lives through food and lifestyle medicine

We’re so excited to be back and for our first episode of series two, we talk to Rupy from The Doctor’s Kitchen about how he inadvertently grew a business out of a real passion for helping his patients (and his growing following) to live healthier, happier lives through food and lifestyle medicine. We discuss the power of nutrition and the importance of making the right information accessible to all, how he got started through self-produced YouTube videos and Instagram and, perhaps most importantly, how he plans to change the education around nutrition for doctors studying and practising medicine. We also talk about his new book and accompanying podcast, full of delicious fad-free recipes, a wealth of lifestyle tips and easy to absorb nutritional facts. They both come highly recommended from us! 

Find Rupy @doctors_kitchen on Instagram and his website at www.thedoctorskitchen.com. Pick up a copy of his book on Amazon.

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