Episode 8: Chloë | Nibs etc.

Reducing food waste, balancing business with other pursuits and silencing your inner critic with Chloë from pioneering food brand, Nibs etc. 

We talk to Chloë from Nibs etc. about what sparked her innovative brand and how she developed a creative and delicious range around a 'waste' product. We discuss how your biggest obstacle can be yourself and how to silence that inner critic and just go for it. Chloë also has great advice on the art of balancing business with other pursuits to ensure you don’t push yourself too far. This is only the beginning for Chloë – hear what’s happening next and all her plans for the future of the company and how it can continue to make a difference...

Find Chloë @nibsetc on Instagram and her website at www.nibsetc.com.

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