Episode 7: Hedie | Husk and Honey Granola

Working with family, taking on responsibility and keeping motivated with Hedie from award-winning, premium granola company Husk & Honey. 

We discuss how Hedie took her passion for a fresh, premium product and turned it into an award-winning family business, stocked all over London and beyond! We hear about the many benefits of working with family, taking on responsibility and multiple roles within the company and how Hedie keeps herself motivated whilst running this hugely successful company with her sister, Verity. There’s some great advice for anyone thinking of starting a food business too…

*We have an exclusive offer from Husk & Honey for all our listeners, so check out our Instagram for details!*

Find Hedie @huskandhoneygranola on Instagram and her website at www.huskandhoney.co.uk.

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