Episode 6: Ama | Lucocoa Chocolate

Interpreting customer feedback, balancing two full time jobs and being part of the chocolate revolution with Ama from bean to bar chocolate makers, Lucocoa. 

We sat down with Ama from Lucocoa Chocolate to discuss how she gets her bean to bar chocolate out into the world. We hear about what it takes to grow a company whilst working full time, being smart about interpreting customer feedback and standing at the forefront of London’s chocolate revolution…it’s coming! It was so inspiring to talk to Ama about the process of bean to bar and how this is beginning to change the way people see (and taste) chocolate. We were also lucky enough to get a peek inside her chocolate factory to witness this in action - it’s very impressive!

Find Ama @lucocoachocolate on Instagram and her website at www.lucocoachocolate.com

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