Episode 9: Safia | Dear Safia

Being fearless and developing style and a love of food through travel with baker, photographer, food stylist and writer, Safia

We talk to Safia about the multitude of roles within the career she has carved out for herself. We ask what it’s like starting out in the food industry, the difficulties of finding balance when you’re managing an array of projects and hear about some of the huge projects she’s worked on, including an edible rainbow wall! It was interesting to hear how Safia found connection with food and how travel has influenced her work and style. We loved hearing about Safia’s family history in sweets and and learning more about the flavours and ingredients which are prominent in her baking. 

Find Safia @dearsafia on Instagram and her website at www.dearsafia.com. You can chat wiith us @whatscookingpod on Twitter, @whatscookingpodcast on Instagram or drop us an email to thewhatscookingpodcast@gmail.com