Episode 5: Ali & Chloe | Health is Wealth



We talk to Ali and Chloe, founders of corporate wellness company, Health is Wealth, and discuss their vision for the future of healthcare within the workplace. We learn about how they overhaul their clients’ nutrition and lifestyle habits to create a workforce that is healthier, happier and more productive. It was great to hear how they’ve built their company in the past year and evolved with it to create a very important service for both companies and individuals. There is so much incredible advice for staying well whilst living a busy lifestyle – whether you’re working for a big bustling company or at home for yourself. We also discuss the benefits of having a business partner (they make a good case!) and learn more about approaching potential business in the corporate world. 


Find Ali and Chloe @hiwgroup on Instagram and their website at www.healthiswealthgroup.com


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