Episode 12: Dana | Arganic

Building a sustainable and ethical business with passion and dedication, achieving work life balance and creating a premium product. 

We talked to Dana from Arganic, purveyors of 100% organic, single origin Argan Oil – both culinary and cosmetic. We heard about the passion and research it takes to create a high quality product that works and tastes delicious (it has three Great Taste stars!). We discuss the importance of a sustainable business model, how our choices in both food and beauty have a bigger impact than we might think and the process of building lasting business relationships. We also hear how Dana has figured out a balance in her life between running a business and keeping herself well. We learnt so much through Dana’s infectious enthusiasm and passion for what she is doing – a very inspirational episode.

Find Dana @arganic on Instagram and through her website at www.arganic.co.uk. 

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Episode 11: Rupy | The Doctor's Kitchen

The power of nutrition, growing a business out of passion and wellbeing advice with Rupy from The Doctor’s Kitchen, helping everyone to live happier, healthier lives through food and lifestyle medicine

We’re so excited to be back and for our first episode of series two, we talk to Rupy from The Doctor’s Kitchen about how he inadvertently grew a business out of a real passion for helping his patients (and his growing following) to live healthier, happier lives through food and lifestyle medicine. We discuss the power of nutrition and the importance of making the right information accessible to all, how he got started through self-produced YouTube videos and Instagram and, perhaps most importantly, how he plans to change the education around nutrition for doctors studying and practising medicine. We also talk about his new book and accompanying podcast, full of delicious fad-free recipes, a wealth of lifestyle tips and easy to absorb nutritional facts. They both come highly recommended from us! 

Find Rupy @doctors_kitchen on Instagram and his website at www.thedoctorskitchen.com. Pick up a copy of his book on Amazon.

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Episode 10: Beth & Kat | The What's Cooking Podcast

Looking back on series 1, how we got started and our personal influences with us (Beth & Kat) of EK Bakery, Kat Bakes London and of course, The What’s Cooking Podcast! 

It’s the final episode of series 1 so we decided to take a look back on some of our favourite moments of the podcast. We’ve had the most incredible experiences and been overwhelmed by the honesty and advice imparted by all our guests. We also quiz each other on our own businesses and talk about how and why we got started. We hope you enjoy this slightly different episode and find it interesting getting to know us a bit better! 

Find Beth @ekbakery on Instagram and her website at www.elizabeth-kerr.co.uk/ekbakery

Find Kat @katbakeslondon on Instagram and her website www.katbakeslondon.com.

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Episode 9: Safia | Dear Safia

Being fearless and developing style and a love of food through travel with baker, photographer, food stylist and writer, Safia

We talk to Safia about the multitude of roles within the career she has carved out for herself. We ask what it’s like starting out in the food industry, the difficulties of finding balance when you’re managing an array of projects and hear about some of the huge projects she’s worked on, including an edible rainbow wall! It was interesting to hear how Safia found connection with food and how travel has influenced her work and style. We loved hearing about Safia’s family history in sweets and and learning more about the flavours and ingredients which are prominent in her baking. 

Find Safia @dearsafia on Instagram and her website at www.dearsafia.com. You can chat wiith us @whatscookingpod on Twitter, @whatscookingpodcast on Instagram or drop us an email to thewhatscookingpodcast@gmail.com

Episode 8: Chloë | Nibs etc.

Reducing food waste, balancing business with other pursuits and silencing your inner critic with Chloë from pioneering food brand, Nibs etc. 

We talk to Chloë from Nibs etc. about what sparked her innovative brand and how she developed a creative and delicious range around a 'waste' product. We discuss how your biggest obstacle can be yourself and how to silence that inner critic and just go for it. Chloë also has great advice on the art of balancing business with other pursuits to ensure you don’t push yourself too far. This is only the beginning for Chloë – hear what’s happening next and all her plans for the future of the company and how it can continue to make a difference...

Find Chloë @nibsetc on Instagram and her website at www.nibsetc.com.

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Episode 7: Hedie | Husk and Honey Granola

Working with family, taking on responsibility and keeping motivated with Hedie from award-winning, premium granola company Husk & Honey. 

We discuss how Hedie took her passion for a fresh, premium product and turned it into an award-winning family business, stocked all over London and beyond! We hear about the many benefits of working with family, taking on responsibility and multiple roles within the company and how Hedie keeps herself motivated whilst running this hugely successful company with her sister, Verity. There’s some great advice for anyone thinking of starting a food business too…

*We have an exclusive offer from Husk & Honey for all our listeners, so check out our Instagram for details!*

Find Hedie @huskandhoneygranola on Instagram and her website at www.huskandhoney.co.uk.

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Episode 6: Ama | Lucocoa Chocolate

Interpreting customer feedback, balancing two full time jobs and being part of the chocolate revolution with Ama from bean to bar chocolate makers, Lucocoa. 

We sat down with Ama from Lucocoa Chocolate to discuss how she gets her bean to bar chocolate out into the world. We hear about what it takes to grow a company whilst working full time, being smart about interpreting customer feedback and standing at the forefront of London’s chocolate revolution…it’s coming! It was so inspiring to talk to Ama about the process of bean to bar and how this is beginning to change the way people see (and taste) chocolate. We were also lucky enough to get a peek inside her chocolate factory to witness this in action - it’s very impressive!

Find Ama @lucocoachocolate on Instagram and her website at www.lucocoachocolate.com

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Episode 5: Ali & Chloe | Health is Wealth



We talk to Ali and Chloe, founders of corporate wellness company, Health is Wealth, and discuss their vision for the future of healthcare within the workplace. We learn about how they overhaul their clients’ nutrition and lifestyle habits to create a workforce that is healthier, happier and more productive. It was great to hear how they’ve built their company in the past year and evolved with it to create a very important service for both companies and individuals. There is so much incredible advice for staying well whilst living a busy lifestyle – whether you’re working for a big bustling company or at home for yourself. We also discuss the benefits of having a business partner (they make a good case!) and learn more about approaching potential business in the corporate world. 


Find Ali and Chloe @hiwgroup on Instagram and their website at www.healthiswealthgroup.com


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Episode 4: Emily | Weligama

The importance of taking every opportunity, developing a new style of cooking using local seasonal produce from the UK with flavour principles from Sri Lanka and the journey of personal development that creating Weligama, the book, has taken Emily on. 

We sit down with Emily from Weligama to discuss the process of creating her new book WELIGAMA – Recipes from Sri Lanka, which launched last week!! It was so exciting to hear all about how she developed a new style of cuisine, mixing local seasonal produce from the UK with flavour principles she learned in Sri Lanka. We also talked about running a market stall, doing what scares you and how writing the book became a journey of personal development. There are also some great tips for cooking the perfect curry and where to find specialist ingredients. 

Find Emily @weligama_ldn on Instagram and her website at www.weligama.co.uk.

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Episode 3: Izy | Top with Cinnamon

Books deals, photography skills and kitchen cheats with Izy Hossack, creator of popular blog Top with Cinnamon. 

We delve into the various sides to Izy, including author, photographer, stylist and student! We discuss how she honed her photography and styling skills, the different processes involved in securing a book deal and what influences her delicious recipes. We also hear some of Izy's best kitchen cheats…trust us, they’re good! 

Find Izy @izyhossack on Instagram and her blog at www.topwithcinnamon.com. Find us @whatscookingpodcast on Instagram and @whatscookingpod on Twitter. Drop us an email on thewhatscookingpodcast@gmail.com.

Episode 2: Ryan | Borough 22

Building a successful business with Borough 22, creators of vegan and & gluten free doughnuts

We sat down with Ryan from Borough 22, London's first vegan and gluten free doughnut company. Stocked in Selfridges, Planet Organic and myriads of cafés and delis around London, these delicious treats are taking over! We discuss the huge impact social media can have on a new business, the highs and lows of running your own company and how to find that all important balance between work and home.

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Episode 1: Noreen | MyBaker

Applying for funding, being willing to adapt and how to build your business using social media

We talk to Noreen from MyBaker, the online platform connecting talented bakers with customers requiring baked treats. We discuss how she went about securing funding for the business, the hardest things about being a business owner and how she utilises social media to create and expand her audience. 

Find MyBaker @mybaker.co on Instagram and @mybaker_co on Twitter. Find us at @whatscookingpodcast on Instagram and @whatscookingpod on Twitter