Rovi - Restaurant Review

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Update - I visited again in August 2019 and it’s all still very delicious. The corn ribs are still a feature on the menu and they had added some beautiful summer dishes; we really enjoyed the watermelon & tomato salad, courgette & whipped feta dish and fat chickpeas with preserved lemon.

R O V I - R E S T A U R A N T R E V I E W

Words and photos by Alice (@howalicegrewtall)

Yotam Ottolenghi’s new restaurant Rovi, located between Oxford Street and Tottenham Court road - is a true delight. On entrance the interior decor is on point with its beautiful wooden cladded walls, and Scandinavian feels - modern and comfortable. At the back of the restaurant is the semi-open kitchen grill area, which means we can be nosy too. 

The menu lives up to its chic surroundings and takes on some of Ottolenghi's classic flavours with dishes ladened with tahini; we didn’t know pita bread and tahini dip could be so damn tasty, but Rovi did it. The menu also takes on inspiration from Japanese cuisine with the vegetable tempura, lightly battered leaves of dill, celery and chard paired with a tangy vinegar dipping sauce. I am hasten to say, Walkers salt and vinegar crisps came to mind, but in the most wonderful and fancy way. 

‘Hot Tomatoes with Cold Yoghurt and Urfa Chilli’ definitely a highlight on the menu. Something so simple, was oh so tasty, with the recipe featured in his new cookbook ‘Simple’, it means we can even produce it for ourselves, needless to say I will be recreating it at home. A bit of vegetarian fun and excitement comes in the form of ‘Corn Ribs’ aka deep-fried and charred corn on the cob with a BBQ flavoured sauce - it really is a bit of tasty, messy fun-times. 

There was no stopping us when we reached that dessert menu , with mains so tasty we had to sample some sweetness. The ‘beetroot and chocolate fondant, chilli with crème fraiche ice cream’ was delectable, the flavours were balanced perfectly. Sadly, the ‘ricotta doughnuts, gooseberries and pine honey’ did not live up to the same level, we were so looking forward to trying these but the texture didn't quite work for us (It has also been noted that the dessert menu has altered since visiting and this is no longer on the menu).

Rovi has left a great mark and I have been recommending to many a friend and family member. If you get the chance to visit for a special celebration or if you’re having a ‘treat yo-self’ moment, then in our opinion it is definitely worth your money and time. The menu’s tapas style allows for a reasonably priced outing, or a more a more ‘spend-y’ dinner - depending on your budget and occasion. 


Finishing note:  the cocktails are very tasty, highly recommend the Rhubarb Kombucha. 

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